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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Expired Product on an YOGA day

Was so happy to see the products of Patanjali today morning when my parents brought Lemon Drink bottles to home post Yoga Session today on behalf of Yoga Day.

Here is My question to seniors and all.
Why don't you look at the expired date before you start supplying to all.
Though i understand the intentions of Typical People around us who just go behind the word FREE FREE FREE who doesn't bother what it is.

I love the concept of Yoga Day gathering but really surprised to see the expired products being supplied to one and all in the name of Yoga fest.

Have a look at what is brought to my notice today.

Initially was in an intention to have lemon drink and when the expire date came into my notice, i have started asking many questions to my parents on it.

Though they doesn't have answers of my questions, atleast when it happens next time atleast they will be in a position to ask others.

Biggest funny think which i always see is...
Being educated and well being in society feel very sorry for our own stupidity.

Its not about pointing someone its about bringing awareness in what we do and what kind of impact we are leaving behind.

To be frank from my point of view:
- Either Patanjali doesn't care about supply and demand or they just want to have a brand value in public on this special day of Yoga.
- Foolishness of Seniors who are supposed to be taking care of co-yoga associates
Just because it is being supplied by someone they just killing others for nothing by supplying expired products.

Good that the seniors didn't came to my notice if not i would have kicked him out for killing others life...by supplying these products. What is the point of doing Yoga and so on.

Wake up Guys Wake up...It taught me a great lesson today.


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